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Albert Harlow President and CEO of The Click IT Group of Services

We built this website to make it simple for our salespeople to find prospects. It will help you find where the pain is. Where the problem is. Find and then seek out those who have an issue with their I.T. The more urgent the better. When you solve it for them easily and painlessly, you'll win over that customer for life.

Al Harlow - President & CEO, The Click IT Group

Here's What You'll Get Inside

Lead Generation Based on an Apparent Need

Our software allows you to find those who have a website, for instance, that's not SSL secure. Or a website that is not mobile friendly. These are door openers.

A Quick & Easy Method for Emailing

A few clicks and your email introduction will be sent out using Amazon SES. We are approved to send out 50,000 emails every day, and not be pegged as a scammer, so you have the freedomĀ to send emails to as many leads as you could possibly handle.

Nitches & Templates - Just Copy, Paste & Send

There are lists of nitches (ie. taxidermist) for you to find prospects from, to make it easy to develop a sales strategy. Just copy and paste or select from our already developed templates and you're prospecting faster than any gold miner.

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