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Coaching by AL to Ashley after listening to today's calls:

Albert, 12:08 PM
Ashley, you CAN ask the receptionist if they give their students laptops or Chromebooks.

Albert, 12:08 PM
Everyone inside the school will know this.

Albert, 12:09 PM
Once we get a "Yes", then I will let Chris follow up with them. After you hear "Yes we do", then you can just find out from the receptionist who the person is (his or her name) who Chris should speak with.

Albert, 12:10 PM
Then add this information to the spreadsheet.

Albert, 12:11 PM
Yes, you are getting better at this for sure. So far I think you found 2 schools that do.

Albert, 12:11 PM
Remember to not end your sentences going up with your tone, but in the US we go down in our tone.

Albert, 12:15 PM
Yes, much better than yesterday although you can say more to the receptionist who may know the answers right away. Be sure to say right up-front that you are calling for Click IT in Chagrin Falls, and then you can ask them the question, "Have you heard of us? No? We are on Main street in the Village since 2012."

Albert, 12:15 PM
This is very important to build credibility.

aesha, 12:15 PM

Albert, 12:25 PM
See and log in and listen to your own recordings to help make improvements.

aesha, 12:30 PM

Albert, 12:34 PM
Also please say the word "students" slower. Please still slow down the speak. :) Really work on slowing the speed of your words down even more.

Albert, 12:35 PM
I have not yet understood this word when you have said it - "Students".

aesha, 12:35 PM

Albert, 12:35 PM
How's my coaching -- it is helping?

aesha, 12:35 PM
Yup it is really helping

Albert, 12:37 PM

Albert, 12:37 PM
Listen to this word. Repeat it over and over again until you can say it properly.

Albert, 12:39 PM
You can click on that speaker symbol to hear the word. Does this work? Did you hear it?

aesha, 12:39 PM
Yash told me what I need to say in mother tongue language but exactly what sentence I need to use and exact words that you told me better... And your sentences are really helpful for me for today

Albert, 12:40 PM
When I find a word I don't think you are pronouncing correctly, I will send the google link like this one to you so you can listen to the word and practice it.

Albert, 12:40 PM
But please confirm that this link works there for you in India.

Albert, 12:40 PM
Did you click on it and can you hear the word pronounced?

aesha, 12:41 PM
Yes i listen that word

aesha, 12:41 PM
and i try to repeat it over and over

Albert, 12:42 PM
Also, you drop the adverbs - like "to". In that last sentence, for instance, the word "to" you forgot. So what you should always include is this word, like in the example above, "Yes, I listed to that word".

aesha, 12:45 PM

Albert, 12:53 PM
I know you would be hung up on a lot which is why you need to emphasis Chagrin Falls, that you are trying to find out who you can direct the owner to speak with.

Albert, 12:55 PM
Until you can greatly improve your style and approach, you will continue to get hung up on. But try them back and say, Sorry, did you hang up on me?" Be very direct. You are calling to help them. Listen again to Dan Lok ( - go to the home page of Click IT Prospector and listen to Dan.

aesha, 12:55 PM

aesha, 12:57 PM
even i didn't complete the one sentence and still they hung up the call

Albert, 1:18 PM
Yes, it is your accent. This is why you MUST say right up front that you are calling from a local computer company in Chagrin Falls.

aesha, 1:19 PM

Albert, 1:21 PM
We have in the U.S. many foreign people with accents here who live here and are very good citizens, but we also have people who call from outside the country trying to steal money and are macerated or disguised as an IT company. People are conditioned to hang up on anyone with an accent unless they know they are calling from here and represent a local company.

Albert, 2:09 PM
One last thought for the day, based on listening to the phone calls: Do not great someone you do not know personally with "Hey!". This is a greeting that's okay for someone who is a friend. You should always introduce yourself with "Hello", or "Good Morning". Then introduce yourself like this: "Hello! This is Ashley from Click IT. We are located close by to you, in Chagrin Falls, and help schools like yours fix their computers. For instance, we take care of Mayfield Heights Chromebooks for them. We repair them... Can we do this for you also?"