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Accident Lawyer Accountant Acupuncture Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Allergist Services  Alterations  Apartments  Appliance Repair
 Architects  Asbestos Removal Assisted Living  Animal Shelters
 Audiologist  Auto Body Parts  Auto Body Shop  Auto Detailing
 Auto Glass Auto Insurance  Auto Repair  Auto Window Tinting
Babysitting  Bad Credit Loans  Bail Bonds Beauty Salon
 Bar Barber Shop  Bathroom Bowling Alley
Bedding Stores Boat Rental  Bookkeeping  Butchers
 Brick and Stone Building Contractors  Business Coach Car Audio
 Cafe  Cake Decorator  Cancer  Carpet Layer
 Car Rental  Carpenter  Carpet Cleaners Concrete
 Ceilings  Central Vacuum  Chefs  Chimney Sweep
 Cleaning Colonic Irrigation Computer Repair Bakery Shop

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The Google Chrome browser frightens website viewers by showing them the above in their address bar on pages with any forms if you don't have a secure (SSL/HTTPS) website.

The Majority of Web Visitors will see this
unless you do something.
So, Why Worry?
Because Google Chrome is the world's most popular browser so about half your web traffic (and probably more) is from visitors that use the Chrome browser (desktop or mobile)...and that percentage is only going UP.
AND the average web user has no idea this is a big push by Google to make the web a safer place, to reduce information theft and curtail some hacking activity.
Visitors are simply going to think it's YOUR prospects website that is "insecure."
...and many will avoid it like the plague.
BUT, take heart, this is a huge opportunity for you as a digital agency owner to offer a Perfect Fix-It service.
We're tempted to call this a "Foot-In-The Door" service, but it's more like a total GATE CRASHER.
Honestly, we've never seen anything with this much marketing power!